CSLA Conference

Pasadena 2011
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Session: "First Steps Toward e-Books"
Deb Stanley (RUSD TL), Julia Christian (Riverside USD Destiny Manager), Dave Cella (Follett rep) 

     1. Where are we now? E-Book survey results from SLJ.   
     2. Quote: Learning and Teaching with iPads from Learning Exchange
     3. Livebinder reference: eBooks and eReaders Go to School by Carol Jo Starkey
     4. "Form and function," from Seth Godin's blog 
     "When the form changes, so does the underlying business model, which of course changes the function as well.
               Mail --- email
               Books --- ebooks
               DVD --- YouTube/Netflix
               1040 --- Online taxes
               Visa --- Paypal, etc.
     In each case, the original players in the legacy industry decided that the new form could be bolted onto their existing business model. And in each case they were wrong. Speed and marginal cost and ubiquity and a dozen other elements of digitalness changed the interaction itself, and so the function changes too.
     The question that gets asked about technology, the one that is almost always precisely the wrong question is, "How does this advance help our business?"
     The correct question is, "How does this advance undermine our business model and require us/enable us to build a new one?"
     There are projects that are possible with ebooks or Kickstarter or email that could never have worked in an analog universe...
     When a change in form comes to your business, the first thing to discover is how it will change the function."            Seth Godin  
Leads to the question: How will eBooks change the function of your school library?
     Ebooks and School Libraries: session Livebinder by Deb Stanley
     Follett Shelf presentation by Dave Cella
     Destiny management of a Follett Shelf by Julia Christian
             (Download, but no preview of Julia's PowerPoint)
Create your own online book 
     Storybird: Big Fat Cat, by Deb Stanley
Questions and discussion
     1. the issues
     2. the devices
     3. the costs
     4. the books
     5. other? 

Sacramento 2010
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