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"Librarians are information technology specialists. And that's what they do. And the idea that anyone would think we can have a public school system without librarians is an idiot."    Hector Tobar, LA Times columnist

The 2011 Campaign for Strong School Libraries:
       • Students need the library team: teacher librarian and library aide.
       • The model school library standards are tools that schools can use to design     

          instruction to teach students how to be digitally safe, better readers, and lifelong

"Why do school libraries need money for books when everything is online?"
"Why do we need a campus library when students can do their research on the internet?"
"You just check books in and out all day. Why do we need a library teacher?"
        Technology has vastly changed the way information is accessed, and it has greatly enhanced library and information services. It has also raised some unsettling questions about the practicality and necessity of school libraries. Library advocates have a critical role to play in answering these questions. In schools across the country, library advocates are the voice of America's school libraries. (attributed to Follett-sponsored webinar)

Advocacy message:
  • Students deserve equitable access to school library resources.
  • Library standards provide blueprints for strong school libraries.
  • Strong school libraries build strong students, who are life-long learners.
Are Librarians Totally Obsolete?
33 Reasons Why Libraries and Librarians are Still Extremely Important by: Will Sherman

Advocacy through technology:
Despite tough times, Teacher Librarians like Marie Slim use technology to meet the challenges of delivering excellent school library services:

GoAnimate.com: FJUHSD Library Services for Teachers 2010/2011 by sraslim

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!

AASL Teacher Librarian job description
TL Virtual Cafe, by Gwyneth Jones

Scroll down the "TL Virtual Cafe" for an informative segment on e-Books and readers.
What's new?
     Hackerspaces: A place to meet and collaborate
     Makespace: for schools and communities to explore interests, tools, and materials 
Resources for TLs
Advocacy and Connections
     Advocacy, from AUHSDteacherLibrarian WIKI      
     Advocacy Through Action-Stanley
     Best Sellers Campaign for Strong School Libraries (PDF)
     Big Deal Book of Technology newsletter
     Brokers of Expertise: California Teacher Librarians    
     California Center for the Book, includes Letters About Literature     
     California Commission on Teacher Credentialing: Teacher Librarians   
     California School Libraries Work! edited by Doug Achterman
     CaliQity Marketplace: Content in every subject   
     Campaign for Strong School Libraries:  and   Library Store   
     Circulate This! Stories from the School Library: audio journal from CSLA
     CSLA: Legislation and Advocacy
     CSLA Blog / "iCenter 2020 ~ What it Looks Like"
     Edutopia article: "Rethinking the Library to Improve Information Literacy"
     Information Illiteracy: an interview with Glen Warren   
     Library Advocate. by Jackie Siminitus with lots of videos
     Library advocacy images    
     Library Connections: A library management blog (Follett/Williams)
     Libraries Matter, blogsite by Deborah Ford
     LIS Wiki: wiki on all things library        
     Manifesto for 21st Century School Librarians, Joyce Valenza    
     School Board handouts, Connie Williams    
     School Library Exchange: Register to donate books to your school
     School Library Impact Studies Project, Mansfield University   
     School Libraries Work! PDF    
     SuperLibraries! Joy Millam's wiki newsletter
     SuperHeroes! for school libraries
     TeacherLibrarianNing: a community of TLs and educators
     TED talk: Simon Sinek "How Great Leaders Inspire Action"    
     Webinar: Creating Advocacy for Your Library, sponsored by Follett, 3-24-11        
     We will survive videos: Central Rappahannock Regional Library
                                        Malcolm X Shabazz High School      
Blogs for libraries
     Bulldog Readers Blog: A school library blog linking kids to books & Web 2.0 tools  

Common Core
     CDE: Scroll down to School Library Standards Supporting Common Core  
     Librarians Readying for Common Core, by Marion Herbert
     Common Core State Standards & Content Resources, Orange County, CA           

Conference sessions
     Bernie Dodge: "It's All About Asking Questions"   
     Brian Bridges: CLRN    
     iGoogle by Marie Slim and Joan McCall
     EdTech Classroom Conference, 10-10, Marie Slim on Classroom 2.0
     Embracing the Five Roles of the Teacher Librarian for Student Achievement, Doyle
     Facebook NATION: Are You a Citizen? Using Facebook for educational purposes
     Heather Gruenthal's Southern Section book talk   
     New Technologies (PDF download), Dr. Lesley Farmer
     South Bay TL Meeting, Jane Lofton bundle Jan 2011
     Southern Section 2011    
     Stephen Krashen    
     Strong School Libraries, Prezi by Joan McCall (see below)
     TeenLearning 2.0, Jane Lofton and Sheryl Grabow-Weiss, and CSLA link
     Voicethread Prezi by Jane Lofton and terrific conference Voicethread
     Web 2.0 for Student Achievement, Dr. Doug Achterman
CSLA tutorials and resources   
     Classroom 2.0
     Discovering Assistive Technology  
     EdTech Committee e-resources   
     School Library Learning 2.0   
     Teen Learning 2.0   
Facebook for teacher librarians (TLs) and school libraries
     BLOCK Facebook's photo-tagging facial recognition program from Fast Company       
     Bessie Chin HS Library, Tom Kaun   
     Mira Costa High School Library, Jane Lofton  
     Montclair High School Library  
Information Literacy
     TRAILS: Tool for Real-time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills   
Library general resources:
    Banned Books links  
    A Media Specialist's Guide to the Internet: wonderful array of resources   
Library Lesson resources
     Bloom's Digital Taxonomy
     Citing Fiction or Poetry Quotations, by Marie Slim
     ICCSD Library Curriculum  (and lesson template)
     Institute for Library and Information Literacy Education: K-12 library lessons  
     Interactive Quizzes (for Library Science, TAs, and orientations) by Tami Maloney   
     QuestGarden: "Where great Web quests grow"   
     Thinking Maps: Visual tools that get results
     Research Guide: Springfield Township HS
     Using the Web for Research, Angela Gallacher   
     WebTools4U2Use: Finding the right tools by task, learning level, etc.
     WebQuests: 7th grade8th gradeJames Workman MS Library,
                Example: Using the Web for Research    
Library Lesson examples
     "Bee" unit, Night -sample literature unit, Marie Slim
     Book Chat: Library blogging with students
     Book Talks on Animoto, Joan McCall    
     Genetic Disorders, Kathy Alexander
     James Workman MS Library: Powerpoints   
     Prezi example: The Solar System Prezi-tation         
     Research Pathfinders, Marie Slim    
     Thanksgiving Thinking Map to reinforce Dewey Decimal System (below), Deb Stanley
     WebQuest made with Google sites, by Angela Gallacher   
Library Management
     Amy Linden's BRHS Library end-of-year report: Animoto!
     Book Repair tutorials
     Calculate the value of your library  
     Destiny Resources, page of wiki by Deborah Ford   
     Library 1st Quarter Report (at bottom) using bubbl.us, Marie Slim
     Monthly Library Report using Prezi, Jane Lofton
     Redwood MS Library poster in Glogster
     "Six Tools to Simplify Cataloging," by Joyce Valenza   
     Snapshot Day library report, Joan McCall, Redlands USD
     Williams Act information, and your WA county coordinator        
     Year-end annual report by Yvonne Weinstein: Prezi     
Library TA Training
     Anaheim UHSD, Heather Gruenthal: Library Aide Curriculum
     CSLA's Teen Learning 2.0 
     RUSD Poly High school, Kathy Bowman: Poly Library TA     
            Tami Maloney's "Interactive Quizzes"

Library Quotes
     Brainy Quotes     
     Famous Library and Librarian Quotes & Quotations   
     Welcome to The Quote Garden!    
Other great school library Web sites
     Aptos Junior High: a Renaissance Learning Model Library! Megan Fuller, TL   
     AUHSDteacherLibrarian WIKI, with many great resources!         
     Bessie Chin Library, Richmond HS, Tom Kaun. "Leaves" page. Facebook page.
     Big House Library, Anna Koval
     The Daring Librarian, Gwyneth Jones (Note her comic tutorials)
     Grand View Elementary, Heidi Snively
     James Workman MS Library, Ms. Gallacher TL, made with Google sites
     Library Karma, Kathie Maier   
     McPherson College: Library of the Living Dead   
     Milpitas HS Library, LeighAnn McCready
     Mira Costa HS Library, Jane Lofton
     Monroe HS Library, Annette Scherr      
     Montclair HS Library, paraprofessional Julie DuVall
     Ms. Cole's e-library: MANY great subject-area and Web tools links    
     Nacho Mamma's Librarian    
     Nikki Robertson  
     Petaluma HS Library with Petadata, Connie Williams and Anna Koval  
     Redlands USD middle schools, Joan McCall     
     Springfield Township High School, Dr. Valenza 
     Troy HS Library, Marie Slim
     Unquiet Librarian, Buffy Hamilton   
Professional Growth
     BOE (Brokers of Expertise) Standards Browser    
     CSLA Conference
     CSLA Professional Development Tutorials: Web 2.0, etc.
     ISTE - sigms: provides a support network to school library media specialists   
     The Big Deal Book of Technology newsletter archive 

     CSLA's publications     
     Innovative Learning Ed Tech newsletter (PDF)
     Letters About Literature: reading promotion program of the Center for the Book    
     Libraries Unlimited: search Stanley
          Also search Janice Gilmore-See: Simply Indispensable     
     Library Media Connection
     School2Home: Stevenson MS newsletters    
     School Library Exchange: easy way to donate books
     School Library Journal
     School Library Monthly
     The Dreaded Research Paper, Kathy Alexander
     Focus on Research and Writing, Kathy Alexander
     Try Google's "Advanced Search" with reading level results   
     RAM Research, Ann Akers-Grant    
     Research Help from Milpitas HS, LeighAnn McCready
     Research Guide: Springfield Township HS
Social Networking
     Teacher Librarians on Twitter
     AASL's Standards for the 21st Century Learner IN ACTION  

Click HERE to access this PDF
Poster by Joyce Valenza, click HERE

Samples of Teacher Librarian lessons

Dave Burt at Southwest HS, El Centro, created a Dewey quiz using memorize.com

Deb Stanley uses any season of the year to brainstorm the Dewey Decimal System using Thinking Maps,in this case, a Circle Map. The lesson is reinforced with a Dewey handout, videos, and of course---books!

Eva M, from Eva's Book Addiction, models how she uses Six Word Memoirs Web tool to create book reports and displays:

More Teacher Librarian advocacy

"What Teacher Librarians Make" on SchoolTube 
Click here for YouTube: "What Teacher Librarians Make"

Strong School Libraries, Prezi by Joan McCall

"Paradigm Shift in School Libraries," Prezi by Deb Stanley, CSLA Sacramento 2010


What Teacher Librarians Make, by Joyce Valenza

Library is not merely a place to get stuff. It is a place to invent, to create, to make stuff, to collaborate on stuff,  and to share stuff.  It is more kitchen that grocery store.  More transformational than transactional.

I am here to ensure that all my students have equitable access to the tools they need to learn and create. I know that access to these tools is an intellectual freedom issue.

You want to know what I make? You want to know why I am here?

I make kids smile and laugh and think.

And I make them work hard. “Don’t waste my time with anything but your best.”

And I make them read.

I make them plan and write and produce and communicate.

I make kids wonder,

I make them question.

I make them search.

I make them analyze and evaluate.

I make them take a stand.

I make them defend their stands with evidence.

I make them tell stories.

I make them invent.

I make them create.

I make them collaborate and share.

And I celebrate their best.

Let me break it down for you, so you know what I say is true:

My classroom is the largest classroom in the school and I know the names of nearly 700 kids and I greet as many as possible personally each day.

Our library is everywhere. Our virtual library is ubiquitous.  It is open day and night.

My kids do well on their bubble tests.  But I am also here to ensure that our kids become information and media literate citizens.  I am here to ensure they become transliterate.

Our library is not a sacred cow.  It is a growing, vibrant, central element of my school’s learning culture.