Research Tools

Why is a library important for research, even in the digital age?
          "Google is great. But your professors will expect you to use more than just websites for your college papers and projects. Luckily, librarians are experts in research and can teach you to research beyond Google."          Attributed to the Library CSU San Marcos
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Links and tools for general research:
     Proteus Internet Search: multiple portals for school research       
     Study Guides and Strategies: Elements of a Research Paper  
     SweetSearch: A search tool for students  
     Research & Citations, an inclusive Livebinder by Marie Slim  
     Research Beyond Google: 119 Authoritative, Invisible, and Comprehensive Resources
     "Realtime" search: up-to-the-second social updates, news articles, and blog posts  
     Research with "Google squared"  
     Annotated Bibliographies, Capella University Writing Center    
     Citing Fiction or Poetry Quotations, by Marie Slim   
     STHS: Preparing a Works Cited and Consulted List
     Son of Citation Machine
     Works Cited MLA 7, wiki guideline by Marie Slim  

Evaluating sources
      RADCAB: Your Vehicle for Information Evaluation  
     Evaluating Websites:
          1. Website: Evaluating Web Sites    
          2. Prezi: Website Evaluation by Marie Slim  
          3. Livebinder: Website Evaluation by tlgarvin
Note Taking
      Chandler: Chandler markets itself as a "note-to-self organizer" that lets you track notes, manage a calendar, share information, and take notes online.
     Evernote: Evernote is a great note-taking and organization tool for students who snap photos with friends and need to save screenshots, text and images from the web.
     MyNoteit: Take notes online, organize bookmarks, keep a calendar, and search or share your notes with classmates.
     TiddlyWiki: A great wiki for storing notes, sharing ideas with classmates, creating your own website, and being productive.
     Ubernote: Lets you manage, share and manipulate web notes with Twitter, Firefox, e-mail, iGoogle, Internet Explorer, BlackBerry and more.
mySchoolog: This online organizer features a place for saving and managing notes, schedules, grades and more.
     Wridea: Organize notes and prepare for papers and tests with this writing tool that lets you save different pages, themes, ideas and more.

Primary Sources
     Internet4Classrooms: (scroll) Primary Source Documents
Reference materials Encyclopedias

Research portals
     Search tools 
     SearchQuest: A WebQuest About Search Tools  
     Virtual Middle School Library  
     *Just for fun: Peeps Research   

Research systems from other school libraries
     RUSD, Ramona HS Ram Research
     The Research Paper
     Springfield Township HS Research Guide

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